On the first Saturday of each month and on occasional District 220 institute days, BASV hosts open gyms at Kids in Action Gymnastics Academy. Our free open gyms are open to any child (and their siblings and friends) with an IEP or 504 that is a member of BASV.  Open gyms provide a great and therapeutic outlet for kids and an ideal time for parents to network.  Pre-registration is required. To learn more, visit us on Facebook.  Non-members of BASV are invited to attend an open gym to come and check-out the fun for free.  You can become a member of BASV for just $35 annually at this website.

OPEN GYM HOURS   4:05pm to 5:30pm  

RSVP is required please;  If you did not receive and respond to our Evite please send an email to Baspecialvoices@gmail.com  

Kids in Action Gymnastics Academy is located at 28039 W. Northpointe Blvd in Barrington.  Kids in Action does not take RSVP info. for these events.

2015-16 Dates

Sept. 5th   4:05pm-5:30pm

Oct. 3rd     4:05pm-5:30pm

Nov. 7th     4:05pm-5:30pm

Dec. 5th   4:05pm-5:30pm

Jan. 2nd(2016)     4:05pm-5:30pm

Feb. 6th     4:05pm-5:30pm

Mar. 5th     4:05pm-5:30pm

Apr. 2nd     4:05pm-5:30pm

May 7th   4:05pm-5:30pm

Jun. 4th    4:05pm-5:30pm